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 Love Quote from Rumi

Rumi wrote this over 800 years ago, yet love hasn’t changed.  Love is timeless, endless.  And no one says it better than Rumi. “Although I may try to describe love, When I experience it, I am speechless.” – Rumi May you experience love today and every tomorrow.  

 Namaste Yoga – Beauty, Grace, Strength

Two days ago, I wrote about ten minute workouts at home and included links to no-cost YouTube workouts.  One of my all-time favorite yoga workouts is Kate Potter’s Namaste Yoga.  I love the beautiful views, the shifting locations, the changing perspectives, the graceful, yet powerful moves, and the soft narration. In my post I mentioned […]

 Ten Minute Workouts at Home – More Workout Videos

One way I have found that keeps me working out every morning is to have a variety of workouts and routines. I will get attached to one workout and look forward to it every day, but eventually will start to feel a little bored with it. Once that starts, I immediately search for and find other workout videos, either from buying them on or, or by searching for them on YouTube.

Since the free workout routines on YouTube allow for more variety at no cost, I gravitate toward these first. Plus, most of the purchased workout DVD’s have sample routines on YouTube, so I can try them out before spending money on a DVD without knowing whether I will even like the workout.

 Thoughts on a Sunday Morning – Life Storms

The storms nature has brought to my world – my Indiana farmhouse – have thankfully not been as intense or as damaging as they potentially could have been. A couple of years ago, intense winds, possibly a small tornado, passed by the house, wrecking havoc with the barn doors and large tree limbs. I made it through that, too, and felt I learned a valuable lesson from it.

 Getting Fit With a 15 Minute Workout – Start with a 5 or 10 Minute Workout

Now you know that even a short workout will give tangible benefits. Why not start with 5 minutes a day? (Well, of course, you’ll check first with your doctor if you have any health concerns at all.) Add minutes in a week or two, but just get started. Make up your own little workout, say marching in place for 3 minutes and stretching for another 2 minutes. Or perhaps you could do 2 minutes of leg exercises, 2 minutes of ab exercises, and 1 minute of walking. This list of starting workouts should get you toned and graceful in no time, well make that 5 -15 minutes a day!

 Simple Summer Hairstyle

When the sun is hot and the air is humid, it feels good to have a carefree, attractive alternative to a ponytail. This is a rather versatile, yet simple summer hairstyle that is perfect for keeping your hair managed and alluring. The hairstyle here is from the blog GlittersGold; it is a fishtail braid with an added twist, thus the name Twisted Fishtail Braid.

 Are You Still Waiting for Your Dream?

Although I did not realize it until the sign gave me the perspective, in many ways I have been waiting for the perfect time and available money when I could sort of wave a magic wand and make my entire home beautiful, artistic, and wonderfully decorated. Meantime, I’ve been tolerating pieces of furniture and entire rooms that I don’t really feel comfortable with. In my mind, these areas are in a waiting pattern, to be changed “someday.”

 Learning the Skill of Clearing Clutter

Over the last year or so of earnestly clearing clutter from my home, I’ve learned a few things. The most recent came as a revelation of what should have been obvious to me all along: clearing clutter is a skill, not an inborn talent or trait. It’s something everyone can learn, if they really want to. The skills of clearing clutter are not what I expected, though. I expected to learn how to neatly stack things on shelves, and how to get organized, as well as how to get rid of clearly useless things. Yes I am learning these expected things, but I have learned much deeper, and much more powerful skills. I’ll briefly share them here – you can read more explanation in the full article.

 Powerful and Feminine – New Book from Rachael Jayne Groover

I was thrilled to see that Rachael Jayne Groover has released her book, Powerful and Feminine – How to Increase Your Magnetic Presence and Attract the Attention You Want.

If you’ve followed my blog, you will remember that I posted a link to a video from Rachael Jayne Groover, founder of The Yin Project, as she discusses and teaches women how to increase their sense of attractive presence. (Link to the blog post – Increasing Your Feminine Radiance and Power).

 Rainy, Grey, Spring Days

The last few days, the weather has been cold, grey, rainy, with a fierce and unrelenting wind. From the window, the lawn seems mysterious and darkly romantic, much like a Daphne du Maurier novel.