Namaste Yoga – Beauty, Grace, Strength

Two days ago, I wrote about ten minute workouts at home and included links to no-cost YouTube workouts.  One of my all-time favorite yoga workouts is Kate Potter’s Namaste Yoga.  I love the beautiful views, the shifting locations, the changing perspectives, the graceful, yet powerful moves, and the soft narration. In my post I mentioned […]

 Ten Minute Workouts at Home – More Workout Videos

One way I have found that keeps me working out every morning is to have a variety of workouts and routines. I will get attached to one workout and look forward to it every day, but eventually will start to feel a little bored with it. Once that starts, I immediately search for and find other workout videos, either from buying them on or, or by searching for them on YouTube.

Since the free workout routines on YouTube allow for more variety at no cost, I gravitate toward these first. Plus, most of the purchased workout DVD’s have sample routines on YouTube, so I can try them out before spending money on a DVD without knowing whether I will even like the workout.

 This Time, I Choose to Dance

I’m not sure when it started, this secret longing to take a dancing class. When I found a local class, Hearts in Motion, that started with Nia dance and ended with yoga, I stayed on the sidelines and just thought about it for months. I think it was the thought that I could dance and just have fun while connecting with body and mind energy that made me sign up. I haven’t regretted one minute of it. I love it! Nia combines martial arts, yoga, healing arts, and dance arts. As we dance, we move from samari warrior-type stances, to sensual hip rotations, to ball-room dance type foot movements, to holding and releasing energy movements, and many movements in between that I can’t even define.