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 Goodbye, Steve Jobs

It’s hard to fully accept the news:  Steve Jobs has died. Steve Jobs was a visionary and a genius in designing and marketing innovative tech products.  My iPod is one of my most prized possessions. While volumes can (and likely will) be written about him and his career and hard-driven personality, I’d like to simply […]

 A Little Piece of Lint Teaches Me a Big Lesson

I had walked past that darned piece of lint at least a dozen times before the full realization hit me: I was experiencing a little distraction and a little zing of stress every time I saw it. Little did I know that I was about to discover a way to increase my self-esteem and lower my levels of stress.

 In the Garden of Tomatoes – Freezing Tomatoes for Storage

Most likely, we’ll have a dozen or more tomatoes ripening at a time as all those green tomatoes start turning red in earnest – and all at once. Perhaps the best method I have found for storing these tomatoes for using at a later date is to freeze them. The method I use is quick, easy, and the tomatoes stay bright red, tasty, and ready for cooking for up to a year.

 Welcome to the Simple Life Blog

I’m at my desk with my coffee. Dave brewed it for me with a French press. He swears by it and it does make a very good cup of coffee. I do have to add a bit of hot water from the kettle to my cup, though – he likes it STRONG, whew! So, good […]