Are You Still Waiting for Your Dream?

Although I did not realize it until the sign gave me the perspective, in many ways I have been waiting for the perfect time and available money when I could sort of wave a magic wand and make my entire home beautiful, artistic, and wonderfully decorated. Meantime, I’ve been tolerating pieces of furniture and entire rooms that I don’t really feel comfortable with. In my mind, these areas are in a waiting pattern, to be changed “someday.”

 Learning the Skill of Clearing Clutter

Over the last year or so of earnestly clearing clutter from my home, I’ve learned a few things. The most recent came as a revelation of what should have been obvious to me all along: clearing clutter is a skill, not an inborn talent or trait. It’s something everyone can learn, if they really want to. The skills of clearing clutter are not what I expected, though. I expected to learn how to neatly stack things on shelves, and how to get organized, as well as how to get rid of clearly useless things. Yes I am learning these expected things, but I have learned much deeper, and much more powerful skills. I’ll briefly share them here – you can read more explanation in the full article.