The Little Gratitude Journal Has Powerful Benefits

A sense of gratitude is something that can be consciously developed and increased. Keeping a journal helps you to develop a habit of being aware of all the things that are positive and supportive in your life. It clarifies the moments of joy and reminds you to stop and take notice when you realize that you have stumbled onto one of those moments. However, I didn’t realize that gratitude can boost your career, help you sleep better, and even keep you healthier, and that’s just a sample of Amit’s list of benefits.

 Giving Up for Happiness

One common thought in the pursuit of happiness is the thought that once we get something, we’ll be happy. How many times have you had that mindset? … Once I get my college degree, I’ll be happy … When I have my own house, I’ll be happy … I would be so happy if I had that red dress … If I had a nicer car, I’d be happy… If I had a better job, I’d be happy … I would really be happy if I had a slimmer body …