Learning the Skill of Clearing Clutter

Over the last year or so of earnestly clearing clutter from my home, I’ve learned a few things. The most recent came as a revelation of what should have been obvious to me all along: clearing clutter is a skill, not an inborn talent or trait. It’s something everyone can learn, if they really want to. The skills of clearing clutter are not what I expected, though. I expected to learn how to neatly stack things on shelves, and how to get organized, as well as how to get rid of clearly useless things. Yes I am learning these expected things, but I have learned much deeper, and much more powerful skills. I’ll briefly share them here – you can read more explanation in the full article.

 Clutter Clearing – Use It or Lose It

Clutter is often the result of storing perfectly good items or pieces of clothing. While the theory of having things in storage for later use sounds good, in practical use, many items can spoil, expire, get lost or forgotten, or become otherwise unuseable. These items can fill up your shelves and closets and spill out […]