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 Changes – Advice from Rumi

Try not to resist the changes that come your way. Instead let life live through you. And do not worry that your life is turning upside down.

 Love Quote from Rumi

Rumi wrote this over 800 years ago, yet love hasn’t changed.  Love is timeless, endless.  And no one says it better than Rumi. “Although I may try to describe love, When I experience it, I am speechless.” – Rumi May you experience love today and every tomorrow.  

 Ahhh. Satori.

Sometimes I come across a word that lights me up because it expresses something perfectly.  My word for the day is satori.   I needed it. I discovered the word in Eckhart Tolle’s book – A New Earth – Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose – on page 177.  It immediately resonated with me.  I had to […]

 An Ernest Holmes Quote

You cannot heal anyone of his trouble if .. by Ernest Holmes

 Wisdom from Rumi

I have lived on the lip of insanity wanting to know reasons, knocking on a door.  The door opens. I’ve been knocking from the inside. Rumi     Rumi Quotes – Wisdom for today Photo of door courtesy of artur84 and

 The Strawberries of June

The first strawberry of the season; it was magnificent and unexpected. I looked at it for a moment, feeling such a quiet, reverent joy from seeing it that I hesitated to pluck it from the plant.

 Maybe This is Why You Are Feeling Low

Sometimes our sense of empathy can be too strong. Just being in the same room with a negative person can leave us feeling depressed, vulnerable, stressed or, at best, vaguely sad. No matter how hard we try, we end up being deeply affected by the negative person’s emotions.

 What is Stopping You? Think Again.

This Chinese girl plays beautiful piano music – in spite of missing the fingers on one hand. Why did it move me so deeply? Perhaps because the girl is beautiful and graceful, her hair in cascades down her back and her dress a creation perhaps from a fairy tale. Perhaps because the music is lovely and played with the kind of feeling that makes you close your eyes, smile, and simply listen, each note resonating somewhere deep inside.

I think, though, that I was especially moved because it felt like a personal message.

 Start a Gratitude Journal – Love Your Life

When was the last time you experienced something and felt a flash or a wave of joy, happiness, or deep contentment?  It may have been just a moment of pleasure- such as glancing out of your car window to see a lovely garden of flowers.  It might have been something more substantial, such as your […]

 Ask For What You Really Want

When you are developing your goals for the coming year, one of the most important things is to be sure that you are pursuing what you really want. You may even find that what you really want is available to you right now.