Special,Yet Low Cost Gifts

A gift is an expression. It can be an expression of love, of gratitude, an acknowledgement, an expression of friendship, or just a fun exchange. What makes a gift special is not the cost, but the ability of the gift to convey to the recipient that they are special in some way and that the giver of the gift has made an effort to truly connect with them and has paid attention to their interests, needs, and unique qualities.

 Gifts From the Heart Don’t Have to be Expensive

Frugal yet meaningful gift ideas. It can be hard to find a gift that expresses your love and friendship, so I hope these ideas will really help.

 Last Minute, Inexpensive Gift Ideas

I’ve compiled a list of gift ideas, links to instructions for homemade gifts, and links to other websites that have really unique or just plain good ideas for inexpensive yet meaningful gift ideas.

Some of the ideas are good for special gifts. Some are good for the last minute gifts that arise because you forgot someone or unexpectedly received a gift that you’d like to reciprocate.