Oh! Sozo! That’s a good cup of coffee!

I’ve been drinking an absolutely wonderful cup of coffee.  Monsooned Malabar, to be exact. I finally ordered some coffee beans from my cousin’s coffee roasting and espresso bar in Ionia, Michigan.  My mom spoke of it often, but I just figured it was one of those family things. I’m a bit of a coffee afficionado […]

 Morning Coffee with a French Press Coffee Maker

Posted by Patti Tokar Here is a quick look at the French press coffeemaker that I use for the morning coffee.    It’s a simple process to make the coffee, although it is quite different from a regular drip coffee maker. the process is actually quite easy.  First, heat the water in the kettle until it […]

 Welcome to the Simple Life Blog

I’m at my desk with my coffee. Dave brewed it for me with a French press. He swears by it and it does make a very good cup of coffee. I do have to add a bit of hot water from the kettle to my cup, though – he likes it STRONG, whew! So, good […]