Start at Zero and Change Your Life

What has inspired me this week? A video from Brian Tracy. This video is only a little over 2-1/2 minutes long, but Brian Tracy delivers a potent message. The message is zero based thinking, a concept of questioning everything in your life. The challenge is what you will do with the answer. Acting on this video would change your life.

 Could a Small Change Help You to Arrive on Time?

Sometimes a simple, small change can have a big impact on an outcome. Recently, I found that in the tug of war between my to-do list and my getting to places on time, the to-do list was winning. I was continually trying to squeeze in one last task before I left for an appointment. Inevitably, I would have to scramble in order to barely arrive on time, or even a moment late.

 You Can Learn Prosperity

We can learn to face the large fears and to make the large changes by simply beginning to find the courage to begin changing the small things in life that we are tolerating. I realized from this that reaching goals, becoming prosperous, and leading a simple, joyful life are really just learned skills and habits.