Ahhh. Satori.

Sometimes I come across a word that lights me up because it expresses something perfectly.  My word for the day is satori.   I needed it. I discovered the word in Eckhart Tolle’s book – A New Earth – Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose – on page 177.  It immediately resonated with me.  I had to […]

 An Empty Box Helps Clear Clutter Like Magic

This clutter clearing tip works like magic for me. I actually find it a little fascinating, although many will argue that it has perfectly logical explanations. Perhaps so, but it works and that’s what matters to me. At the least, it makes a fun game and I’m really getting my home clean and clear.

 Use Your Zorro Circle to Clear Clutter

The concept of the Zorro circle works with many areas of life. Selecting a small area and conquering it can help you quickly master much larger areas. Clearing clutter is one good use of this concept.

 Clutter Clearing – Use It or Lose It

Clutter is often the result of storing perfectly good items or pieces of clothing. While the theory of having things in storage for later use sounds good, in practical use, many items can spoil, expire, get lost or forgotten, or become otherwise unuseable. These items can fill up your shelves and closets and spill out […]

 Working on the Solution, Not the Problem

by Patti Tokar I’m listening to an audio book by Marcia Wieder, an author and personal dream coach.  One line of her presentation has really resonated with me.  She stated that you must always work on the solution, not on the problem.  Working on the problem just creates more of the problem.  I thought of […]