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 Healing the Black Holes of Your Life

I’m reading – or perhaps I should say working through – the book Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life by Carol Adreinne.  (As a side note, I have an extra copy of this book that I plan to give away on this site or on the Simple Life Facebook page  so do watch for that […]

 Thoughts on a Sunday Morning – Life Storms

The storms nature has brought to my world – my Indiana farmhouse – have thankfully not been as intense or as damaging as they potentially could have been. A couple of years ago, intense winds, possibly a small tornado, passed by the house, wrecking havoc with the barn doors and large tree limbs. I made it through that, too, and felt I learned a valuable lesson from it.

 Achieving Goals and Building Financial Strength

The last three weeks have been a blur of activity -Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Day, my son finding and moving to his perfect place to live, the contractor finalizing the plans and setting the date for our new kitchen remodeling job, tax season beginning, …. I’m sure there’s more but I think I may […]

 Getting Your Life Back In Balance

When something is out of balance in our lives, it can cause other areas of our lives to tilt into what feels like chaos.

As an accountant, balance is a nearly obsessive trait of my profession. Ok, ok, maybe balance is more than nearly an obsession. While that is often confining, like many extremes that we experience, it has taught me some lessons in dealing with life.

No, no. I’m not going to insist that each and every part of your life must be in perfect balance in order for you to be happy. (You’d expect that advice from an accountant, wouldn’t you?) Maybe 10 years ago I would have offered that, but I’ve stumbled my way through to realizing just how stifling it is to expect perfection with everything, even in the field of accounting.

 Start at Zero and Change Your Life

What has inspired me this week? A video from Brian Tracy. This video is only a little over 2-1/2 minutes long, but Brian Tracy delivers a potent message. The message is zero based thinking, a concept of questioning everything in your life. The challenge is what you will do with the answer. Acting on this video would change your life.

 The Little Gratitude Journal Has Powerful Benefits

A sense of gratitude is something that can be consciously developed and increased. Keeping a journal helps you to develop a habit of being aware of all the things that are positive and supportive in your life. It clarifies the moments of joy and reminds you to stop and take notice when you realize that you have stumbled onto one of those moments. However, I didn’t realize that gratitude can boost your career, help you sleep better, and even keep you healthier, and that’s just a sample of Amit’s list of benefits.

 Too Much To Do …. Or Too Much NOT To Do?

As I started my journey of simplifying my life I became aware that an overloaded to-do list was a symptom of a cluttered life. Specifically, I realized that sometimes I get paralyzed in completing things on my list because there are just too many things on the list. Choosing to complete one task meant choosing NOT to do several others. “Which ones won’t I do?” was a much harder question than “Which ones will I do?” In fact, it was so hard that I would often not even face the decision and in effect the choice was made for me … I did nothing.

 The Decision That Goes In Circles … How to Get Unstuck

Have you been stuck trying to solve a problem or make a decision and finding yourself nearly obsessed with reviewing the pros and cons and possible outcomes?  You’ve done the research, yet still cannot get a clear answer.  You’re frozen, somehow sure that no matter what path you take, a dire result awaits you.  For […]

 Did You Get the Task Done or Did You Do Nothing at All?

Do you have a problem with hectic days, yet little seems to get accomplished? I know I often do.

 Getting Fit With a 15 Minute Workout – Start with a 5 or 10 Minute Workout

Now you know that even a short workout will give tangible benefits. Why not start with 5 minutes a day? (Well, of course, you’ll check first with your doctor if you have any health concerns at all.) Add minutes in a week or two, but just get started. Make up your own little workout, say marching in place for 3 minutes and stretching for another 2 minutes. Or perhaps you could do 2 minutes of leg exercises, 2 minutes of ab exercises, and 1 minute of walking. This list of starting workouts should get you toned and graceful in no time, well make that 5 -15 minutes a day!