Start at Zero and Change Your Life

What has inspired me this week? A video from Brian Tracy. Tracy is a life coach, speaker, business consultant, and the author of a multitude of books and audio programs.

This video is only a little over 2-1/2 minutes long, but Brian Tracy delivers a potent message. The message is zero based thinking, a concept of questioning everything in your life. The challenge is what you will do with the answer. Acting on this video would change your life.

I wonder if I have the courage to follow Brian Tracy’s advice.    How about you?


“Do you know that it is perfectly normal to feel resistance or anxiety when you attempt something new? I always feel it. I used to think it meant I should not do the thing I was contemplating.”
~ Lynn A Robinson, M.Ed.

“Most people live lives of quiet desperation.”
~ Henry David Thoreau

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6 Responses to “Start at Zero and Change Your Life”

  1. Amit Amin Says:

    Great advice!

    The hardest part of his advice is that because of our cognitive biases, even if we try to ask the question, we are bound to overlook many decisions and beliefs which we should question, but don’t.
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    Patti Reply:

    That is a really good point, Amit.

    I wonder if Tracy intends that if we simply make the courageous step to give up the things that we should not have started, then all those misguided beliefs will come out of the woodwork. We would then be forced to question and deal with those overlooked beliefs that made us take the action in the first place.

    It certainly has me thinking.


  2. Kim Thirion Says:

    Great point! I can’t even number how many times I thought “If only I’d ___ this time last year” If I’d been doing this zero based thinking, I’d been richer, skinnier, etc. lol. No time like the present!

    Thanks for this video!
    Kim Thirion recently posted..So You Want to Actually Enjoy the Holidays? 9 Tips to Knock Out Holiday StressMy Profile


    Patti Reply:

    Those “if onlys” can be very pesky! I like Tracy’s cure for them. I think I’ll experiment with a few small things and see how it turns out.


  3. Dave Says:

    Hi Patti,

    Wonderful video. His zero based thinking technique looks like a great tool for helping us to stay continuously present. I’d never heard Brian Tracy before, thanks for the introduction.
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    Patti Reply:

    You’re welcome! I have a couple of Brian Tracy’s books and also a cassette tape set. Yes, I did say cassette tapes! He’s been writing and speaking for awhile now. 🙂 I was glad to find this video – looks like he is still going strong.


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