Special,Yet Low Cost Gifts

Wrapped giftAre you looking for ideas for low cost gifts?  You’d like the gift to have some meaning, yet avoid the extravagances? On our sister site, The Fat Dollar, I’ve posted a long list of gift ideas that will be special, yet still within budget.  Click here to visit the article More Inexpensive Gift Ideas – $10 or Less.

A gift is an expression.  It can be an expression of love, of gratitude, an acknowledgement, an expression of friendship, or just a fun exchange.  What makes a gift special is not the cost, but the ability of the gift to convey to the recipient that they are special in some way and that the giver of the gift has made an effort to truly connect with them and has paid attention to their interests, needs, and unique qualities.

This is why a silk tie with an unusual design would be a puzzling, even disappointing present for most men, yet would be absolutely cherished by a man who makes a hobby of collecting and wearing odd ties.  Along the same line a Mickey-Mouse-driving-a-race-car tie might be a delight for Dad when his four-year-old proudly and excitedly announces that he specially picked that tie himself because Dad had taken him to Disney World last summer.  Of course that still doesn’t mean that Dad will actually wear the tie.

Here are a few of the gift ideas from The Fat Dollar article:

An Adoration or Admiration box – decorate a box and fill it with slips of paper where each slip has one statement about something that the giver loves, admires, or appreciates about the recipient.

Mother Earth News is having a sale of many items less than $10 – bamboo coasters, organic cotton oven mitt, more

Several book ideas for men, kids, and cat lovers.

Amazon has a Leather Kindle Cover for $9.9

Growums has several garden kits for $9.99 each

Reading lights from Amazon and KMart

Bottle of wine – and listed links to help you find a excellent bottle for $10

Zorbitz bracelets – $6.99 to $9.99

And over 25 more suggestions at The Fat Dollar-

Just a bit over two weeks left until Christmas.  How about you?  What ideas do you have for gifts where the expression is bigger than the price tag?





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