Last Minute, Inexpensive Gift Ideas

GiftFinding just the right gift can be difficult. When your budget doesn’t allow for a lot of cash to spend, yet you want the gift to express your love or friendship, it can be even more difficult. Now that we’re down to the last few days before Christmas, having very little to spend for a special gift can be sheer agony.

I’ve compiled a list of gift ideas, links to instructions for homemade gifts, and links to other websites that have really unique or just plain good ideas for inexpensive yet meaningful gift ideas.

Some of the ideas are good for special gifts. Some are good for the last minute gifts that arise because you forgot someone or unexpectedly received a gift that you’d like to reciprocate.

While we’re on the thought of unexpected gifts, why not make this the year that you simply draw up your courage and stop mechanically giving gifts because you feel obligated. If you have been giving a gift simply because someone else gave you one, then say a simple, sincere thank you when you receive their gift. As awkward as it may feel, resist the urge to hastily find a gift to give in return. Learn to gracefully receive and you may find that the Universe is much more generous in giving to you.

If you do really enjoy exchanging gifts and receiving surprise gifts, then have a little stash of small, thoughtful, wrapped gifts that you can give whenever you want to give a last minute gift. Learn to give gracefully, with a joyful heart, and without apologies or excuses and you will find that your gifts are much more happily received.

What are some of the gift ideas in the gift ideas article? Two articles have hundreds of home-made gift ideas, such as gifts for Fido and Fluffy, candy kiss rosebuds, cigar box creations, and many more. There are links to instructions to making a reusable shopping bag, gifts-in-a-jar, beautiful hair accessories, gifts from the kitchen, mini-scrapbooks, and even one that has instructions for making book covers to hide the cover of a book that you’d rather not let the general public see – such as a steamy romance novel.

Take a look and I’m certain that you will get a good idea for the perfect gift.

Merry Christmas!

Read the Simple Life Corp article, with links and ideas:  Meaningful Inexpensive Gift Ideas

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