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 Forgiveness Quotes

I’m still meditating on and following the path of forgiving –  forgiving both  others and myself for transgressions that are still causing pain, grief, anger, or denial.  Once begun, it is a long, steady, and sometimes stumbling journey. Forgiving and releasing one incident often has the unexpected result of  uncovering a new insight or a […]

 Forgiving May Change Your Life

Reading these books made me consider more on the issue of forgiving. Holding a grudge, dreaming of revenge, feeling long-term anger … all these emotions can poison your inner self and slowly deteriorate the quality of your life. Constantly reviving the memory of a past wrong forces you to carry a heavy burden of negative emotions, whether you consciously realize it or not.

 Finding Meaning in Life

Sometimes the path to finding meaning in your life is by being aware of the things in your life that are simply meaningless. Repeating meaningless activities over time can begin to erode your mental balance.

 This Time, I Choose to Dance

I’m not sure when it started, this secret longing to take a dancing class. When I found a local class, Hearts in Motion, that started with Nia dance and ended with yoga, I stayed on the sidelines and just thought about it for months. I think it was the thought that I could dance and just have fun while connecting with body and mind energy that made me sign up. I haven’t regretted one minute of it. I love it! Nia combines martial arts, yoga, healing arts, and dance arts. As we dance, we move from samari warrior-type stances, to sensual hip rotations, to ball-room dance type foot movements, to holding and releasing energy movements, and many movements in between that I can’t even define.

 Using Your Energy Fields to Create Abundance

Perhaps you already know about the 7 chakras, or energy fields, in the body. Opening and creating flow in these chakras can be very freeing and energizing. You may also have some experience with the EFT methods of tapping into this energy. I’ve just watched a Carol Tuttle video which shows you how to use these methods plus two other energy meridians to instantly free you to create wealth.

 After the Storm

I called my oldest son, Sam, as I was going down the steps, just to be sure he knew about the tornado warning. He did. “We were in Walmart and they made us get in the middle of the store, ” his girlfriend told me.

 This Moment, Soon Lost

post by Patti Tokar Nature offers beauty at unexpected moments: A magenta drenched sunset. Golden light dazzling in sharp patterns across the field. Frost breathed in white layers over the lawn. A single pink rose blossoming amidst the fall leaves. A baby concentrating hard on pulling herself to a full stand. I’ve learned that these […]

 Listening to God

                post by Patti Tokar When was the last time you listened to God?  No, not prayed in earnest, but listened in earnest?  Or at least waited in peaceful expectation to see if there were any answers or insights forthcoming?  Clarity and direction can come from listening and waiting. […]