What is Stopping You? Think Again.

Sometimes you see something that is so moving that you are mesmerized, motionless, almost forgetting to breathe.

One of my favorite blogs – The Simple Dollar – (thesimpledollar.com) – posted this video.

Why did it move me so deeply?  Perhaps because the girl is beautiful and graceful, her hair in cascades down her back and her dress a creation from a fairy tale.  Perhaps because the music is lovely and played with the kind of feeling that makes you close your eyes, smile, and simply listen, each note resonating somewhere deep inside.

I think, though, that I was especially moved because it felt like a personal message.  If this girl could create beautiful music with such a handicap (she has no fingers on one hand), then looking at my own life made me realize that there were parts of my life – challenges that I simply walked away from – because I assumed they were too hard, or assumed that I lacked something needed to accomplish it.  Maybe someone else with more advantages or more blessings could do it, but of course not me.  How many times had I lost an opportunity because I would not even start because I assumed I would fail?

Enjoy this little clip for the beauty, for the music, and for the reflective questions that begin to stir while you watch.


In peace,





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