Ask For What You Really Want

When you are developing your goals for the coming year, one of the most important things is to be sure that you are pursuing what you really want. You may even find that what you really want is available to you right now.

To start, define your goal with as much focus as you can.  For example, say your initial goal is to have an ocean front bungalow.  Visualize this with as much detail as you can.  It is essential to place yourself in your mental picture.

What are you doing in the picture?  Are you sitting on the porch of the bungalow, watching the ocean?  Maybe you are waking up to the sound of ocean waves.  Or maybe you are gliding in a sailboat near the shore and admiring your new bungalow. Keep visualizing the picture until you feel the deep sense of happiness that defines your goal.

Now go deeper.  Why are you happy in your visualization?  Is it because you are watching the ocean?  Or because your family is all gathered and having a relaxed, enjoyable time together?  Or maybe you love the tranquility and lying in bed, sleeping well and waking up rested?

Keep asking yourself why with each answer.  Why does that make you happy?  Why do you like that?  Most likely you’ll find that what you really want is not a material object at all.  Most likely it’s a state of mind or a feeling.  Perhaps you want to feel peaceful and rested.  Perhaps you want to feel a little wild and free.  Perhaps you want to feel like lovers with your husband again.  Perhaps you want silence and natural beauty.

How can you have those feelings right now?  There are probably a dozen good ways that you can feel peaceful and rested or wild and free, or what ever it is that you long for every day.  Meditation, going to bed a little earlier, yoga, doing something to share happiness with someone else, taking a long walk … all right in front of you, right now.

Find out what you really, really want.  Just keep asking why until the answer is obvious.  It’s very likely that you can begin having it right now.

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