Use Your Zorro Circle to Clear Clutter

I’ve just finished an entertaining and informative  book by Shawn Achor: The Happiness Advantage.  One concept that he discusses in his book is the Zorro Circle.  As the story of Zorro tells, Zorro was trained to be the legendary swordsman and fighter that he was by first learning to fight only from a circle drawn in the sand by his master/teacher.  Once he had conquered the circle, he was a changed man and his ability to fight was greatly enhanced.

This concept works with many areas of life.  Selecting a small area and conquering it can help you quickly master much larger areas.  Clearing clutter is one good use of this concept.

To use it, simply select a small area that is typically cluttered.  It should be small and manageable, such as a small area of the kitchen counter near the sink, or perhaps a corner of a dresser, or a space on an end table.  Pick an area that bothers you and that you see often.  Now clear and clean this area.  Next, practice the concept of the Zorro circle by actively guarding the area (your Zorro circle) from any and all clutter.  Concentrate only on this area.  Check it before bedtime and during the day.  Allow no clutter in your designated area.

Do this for a week, or even two, until you have mastered the Zorro circle and it is now easy and habitual to keep it clutter free. During this time, you may have found that you began to clear other areas.  Or you may have brought less clutter into the house.  Whatever the other results, celebrate the clear Zorro circle.

Now expand by selecting another Zorro circle for keeping clear of clutter.  Clean and guard this area, too, until it is also a habit to keep that small area clean.

You may now find that you feel such a power over clutter that you spontaneously clear out entire rooms.  Or you may just  continue one Zorro circle at a time.  Either way, this is a very powerful way to train yourself to clear your clutter and keep it from returning.

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  1. Deanna Says:

    Interesting idea, take out much of the overwhelm that comes with clearing clutter!


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