An Empty Box Helps Clear Clutter Like Magic

Empty box to help clear clutter

Nature abhors a vacuum!

As I continue to clear clutter from my home, I try to be aware of tips and techniques that seem to work with extra power so that I can share them with you.

One very effective way that I use to keep clutter moving out of my house is to have a box that is permanently designated as the “Goodwill box.”  I use this box to toss things in immediately upon deciding to get rid of it.  Having this system means that as soon as I try something on that doesn’t fit, or realize that an item has been on the shelf gathering dust, then there is already a designated place to put it for giving away.  Doing this without delay means the reasons for getting rid of it are still clear and strong.  And besides, I’m just putting the item in the box and I still have the opportunity to change my mind.  In truth, though, I rarely take something back out of the box.

But that’s not the magic part.  Recently, I realized that whenever I write up the donation list and clear out the box, then the empty box seems to attract more clutter items like a magnet.  Whenever the box is empty, items just seem to appear out of nowhere for putting in the box.  Yet, once the box gets nearly full, it might sit for a week without any new items added.  Even once I noticed this, and tried to dispel it, the same pattern kept repeating.  I’ve learned to empty the box as soon as possible once it gets nearly full.  That empty box seems to have an attraction all its own.

The tip I’d like to share with you, then is this:  First, designate a box for accumulating items that will be given away.  Most important, though, empty the box as often as you can.  You may be amazed, too, at how that box will attract your useless clutter.

This clutter clearing tip works like magic for me.  I actually find it a little fascinating, although many will argue that it has perfectly logical explanations. Perhaps so, but it works and that’s what matters to me.  At the least, it makes a fun game and I’m really getting my home clean and clear.

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