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 Garden Inspired Bread

This recipe is for Herbs and Cheese Bread. I’m posting my recipe here for anyone who wants to try a recipe for a quick bread with herbs, and for those of us who have more garden herbs than we know what to do with!

 In the Garden of Tomatoes – Freezing Tomatoes for Storage

Most likely, we’ll have a dozen or more tomatoes ripening at a time as all those green tomatoes start turning red in earnest – and all at once. Perhaps the best method I have found for storing these tomatoes for using at a later date is to freeze them. The method I use is quick, easy, and the tomatoes stay bright red, tasty, and ready for cooking for up to a year.

 Wild Blackberries? … No, They’re Mulberries

Freshly picked mulberries in a bowlLast night, as Chris and I were walking in the back meadow, near the woods, we discovered a mulberry tree. We had been looking at a wild blackberry bush and talking about when the blackberries might be ripe when Chris looked up and saw a nearby tree covered with what appeared to be blackberries. Chris ate a couple and declared them to be good. I was praying that they weren’t poisonous.

Once home, a little research revealed that the berries were not blackberries, but mulberries. More research showed that they are quite rich in resveratol, a natural anti-oxidant, along with an abundant amount of vitamins.

 Sandwich Bread Recipe

My last blog post was about the pleasure of baking bread. The recipe I used was from Mother Earth News and had almost no kneading, yet did not have the long rising times of typical no-knead bread recipes. I promised to post the link to the recipe online if Mother Earth News had it posted […]

 Baking Bread

After watching the Walton family in their simple, yet very fulfilling lives, I was inspired to bake some bread. I had a recipe for Mediterranean Tuna Panina sandwiches, and I wanted to use a special bread.

I baked a recipe from Mother Earth News. It was for a basic sandwich bread and I followed the recipe except that I substituted 1/2 cup of whole wheat flour for part of the unbleached all-purpose flour. The recipe was very easy and involved almost no kneading.

 Clutter Clearing – Use It or Lose It

Clutter is often the result of storing perfectly good items or pieces of clothing. While the theory of having things in storage for later use sounds good, in practical use, many items can spoil, expire, get lost or forgotten, or become otherwise unuseable. These items can fill up your shelves and closets and spill out […]

 Oh! Sozo! That’s a good cup of coffee!

I’ve been drinking an absolutely wonderful cup of coffee.  Monsooned Malabar, to be exact. I finally ordered some coffee beans from my cousin’s coffee roasting and espresso bar in Ionia, Michigan.  My mom spoke of it often, but I just figured it was one of those family things. I’m a bit of a coffee afficionado […]

 Should that apple be organic?

post by Patti Tokar Not everything you eat has to be a certified organic food. Some foods can be easily washed clean of pesticides, and some foods need little or no pesticides or preservatives in their production and preparation for human consumption. Onions, for example, according to The Daily Green, are usually perfectly safe to […]

 Morning Coffee with a French Press Coffee Maker

Posted by Patti Tokar Here is a quick look at the French press coffeemaker that I use for the morning coffee.    It’s a simple process to make the coffee, although it is quite different from a regular drip coffee maker. the process is actually quite easy.  First, heat the water in the kettle until it […]