Morning Coffee with a French Press Coffee Maker

Posted by Patti Tokar

Here is a quick look at the French press coffeemaker that I use for the morning coffee.    It’s a simple process to make the coffee, although it is quite different from a regular drip coffee maker.

French Press Coffeemaker

the process is actually quite easy.  First, heat the water in the kettle until it just starts to whistle.  Meanwhile,  measure the ground coffee into the empty glass chamber of the French press pot.  The hot, whistling water is then carefully added to the glass chamber.  Now put the cap/lid on the pot with the steel filter pulled all the way up into the cap.    Set your watch or timer timer for 5 – 10 minutes (10 minutes for making the coffee good and STRONG.  The instructions manual suggests brewing for 5 minutes. )  When the timer goes off, very slowly push the spring lid down until the steel filter is pressed to the bottom of the glass pot with the coffee grounds pressed flat underneath. The steel filter with the grounds underneath stays in place and is not removed until the glass pot is empty and ready for cleaning. The top part of the lid must be turned to the opening that allows the coffee to pour. Now that fresh, delicious, aromatic coffee is ready to pour into your coffee cup.  I  sprinkle a little ground cinnamon in my cup, add a bit of half and half, plus a teaspoon of honey and … wow!  the best cup of coffee ever.  Mmmm….

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2 Responses to “Morning Coffee with a French Press Coffee Maker”

  1. TomPier Says:

    great post as usual!


  2. jlb Says:

    Yes, it’s easy for sure to make coffee with a French Press. It’s way better than most of the other alternatives.
    jlb recently posted..Top 5 French Presses for 2016My Profile


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