8 Success Strategies You Probably Didn’t Think Of

I’ve been immersed in finishing out this year’s tax season, which had the government shutdown as a grand finale, so haven’t been posting as much these last few weeks.  I’ll be caught up soon and be able to write more.

For now, I’ll share a summary of an article from Oprah.com that caught my attention:  8 Surprising Things That’ll Make You Wildly Successful.

Wildly successful sounds very appealing.  Especially when you have been working nearly non-stop for days.

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8 Surprising Success Strategies (That Will Make You Wildly Successful)

Here is a summary of the Oprah.com article.

1. There is a bacterium in soil, which are often inhaled while gardening, that may help the body produce serotonin, an anti-anxiety chemical.

2.  Don’t share your goals … verbalizing them gives you the false sense of having accomplished them which reduces your drive.

3.  Asking yourself questions, rather than giving yourself commands or self-praise (‘is it possible I can complete this?’ rather than ‘I will conquer!’) may make you dramatically more effective.

4.  Looking at cute puppies, kittens, or other sweet baby animals may afterwards make you better able to focus – yes it works even for men.

5.  Having a short,  friendly conversation with someone you don’t know tends to make you better at planning and self-discipline as well as having better recall.

6.  The best person to get career advice from is often someone in the first third of their career, rather than someone who has been on the job for a great number of  years.

7.  A few chugs of a naturally sweet drink, such as fruit juice or even non-diet soda, may give you the ability to strive for a goal rather than quickly settle for less.

8.  Turning the thermostat to 72-79 degrees Fahrenheit makes most workers more productive and error free.  (At 68 degrees, productivity dips and errors soar!) (I love this one!)

Try one or two of these.  Who knows, maybe you’ll even experience wild success!




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