Foods the Experts Avoid – 14 Foods

Man Eating CheeseburgerThings are still hectic at the house – the kitchen and dining room remodel is in full dust-wood-studs-and-mess mode, and since it’s tax season, the office is in turbo charge.

I’ll post more about the remodeling soon, because it is providing a long list of life lessons, many of them a little painful.  Some are to be expected when remodeling a 100+ year old house.  Others could have been avoided.

Right now I wanted to share with you a blog post from – 14 Foods You Should Never Eat. This is a list of the foods the experts avoid.  A couple of the foods on the list are a little extreme (avoid all bread, for instance), but several of them have solid, surprising reasons for being on the list. Here at Simple Life, we believe that the foods you eat can have a profound affect on your health and emotions.  One of the fundamental parts of simplifying your life is learning to nurture your body and mind.

Here is the brief list … visit the link at the bottom for the full article.  It’s worth the read, especially if you have children.

1. Swordfish – high in mercury

2.  Nonorganic Strawberries – pesticides

3.  Diet Soda – artificial sweeteners cause multitude of health problems

4.  McDonalds in general – represents factory farming

5.  Canned Tomatoes – the linings of tin cans contain BPA

6.  Bread – wheat causes a multitude of health problems

7.  Industrially Produced Hamburgers – Inhumane treatment and filthy conditions for the cows

8.  Corn – pesticides and genetic engineering

9.  White Chocolate – no cacoa, the ingredient that makes dark chocolate so awesome. (Don’t panic, dark chocolate is not on the list.)

10.  Artificial Sweetners  – cause high blood sugar levels and other health issues

11.  Sprouts – frequent source of recalls and E. coli, salmonella and listeria contamination

12.  Butter Flavored Popcorn – contains diacetyl, a chemical that causes a serious lung disease in the factory workers who produce the popcorn

13.  Food Dyes – causes cancer and hyperactivity in children

14.  Chain-Restaurant Ice Cream Sundaes – supersized portions and genetically modified ingredients

There you have it.  Some of the foods really should be avoided altogether.  Others should be kept in mind and consumption reduced.  A couple seem a bit extreme – avoid ALL bread, ALL white chocolate? Hmmm.  A few of the things on the list I hardly ever eat anyway, such as restaurant Ice Cream Sundaes, so I’ll keep it in mind but I doubt that eating one every few years will have much effect on my health!

Here is the link the to full article.  It has resource lists and more details on each food and the expert recommending avoidance:

14 Foods You Should Never Eat – Leah Zerbe and Emily Main –

What foods do you avoid?





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2 Responses to “Foods the Experts Avoid – 14 Foods”

  1. Amit Amin Says:

    You don’t know how sad I was when I saw butter popcorn on the list – that’s my most favorite food in the world 🙁

    I actually think artificial sweeteners is more extreme than bread – there’s a large body of evidence that carbs like bread do more harm than good. The evidence for sweeteners is more controversial.

    I’m still sad about the butter popcorn.
    Amit Amin recently posted..There’s More to Life Than Happiness – But That Doesn’t Make Wanting It Stupid or SelfishMy Profile


    Patti Reply:

    I agree with you, Amit. I was pleased when they started making popcorn with zero trans fat and this feels like a setback! We still can buy plain popcorn and melt our own butter to drizzle over the bowl.

    Lately, I’ve been growing my own stevia to use as a sweetener. It’s a good natural replacement for sugar, although sometimes the intensity is hard to regulate since it can vary so much even on one plant.


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