When Our Dreams Are Stuck on Hold

Wire Fence over path to the oceanLately, I’ve been thinking about some of my dreams and plans that I’ve had for a long time.  I’d really like to experience them, yet the dreams stay in some foggy vision far in the horizon of my own life line.

There’s always a reason, of course (take your choice) … the timing is not right  …  I need to learn more … there is not enough time … I might mess up and make a public fool of myself … someone else’s needs are more important …  there is not enough money …   I could go on because the excuses are almost endless.

Note that I changed the word reason to excuses.

Fabienne Fredrickson wrote an article that I found very meaningful:  Make a Decision and “The Way” Will Show Up.   She made several points that seemed to resonate with me.

One of the biggest points for me personally was  when she said that the people who succeed stop “over thinking.”   That is a real issue with me.   I tend to analyze, research, find 100 different possibilities, list all the problems that may occur, identify another 100 things that I need to learn, and then do nothing because I can’t decide what the “best” course of action is.

Actually, that was one of her other points:  Action. Successful people simply make a firm decision and then start taking steps to accomplish it.  They have learned how to decide to do something and then do it. They  stop “over thinking”,  stop focusing only on the obstacles, and they just take action.

There is a lot of power in making a firm decision to do something.

Rich Schefren, a successful entrepreneur and life coach,  adds another perspective:
‘You have to move before you think you’re totally ready. You will learn as you go. You must realize that.  It’s the only way to really get the knowledge that you need. So remember that. Move before you’re ready.”

Think of this:  maybe it isn’t your dreams that are stuck on hold.  Maybe it’s you stuck on holding them back.

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