Saving Gasoline – It’s an Art

Dollar bill in mouth of gas tankAt the gas station down the road from my office, gas prices had dropped to $3.77 a gallon one day this week.  Within a day, the price was back to $3.94 a gallon.   I haven’t a clue why the price jumped up almost $.20 in one day.  Nor can I explain exactly why the price of gasoline has been above $4.00 here in northern Indiana.

When it comes to saving money on gasoline, one of the most effective methods is to simply use less gas.  Don’t take as many car trips.  Combine errands into one trip.  Use the phone to call stores to see if they have the item you want, rather than just driving to see.  Ride a bike, walk, share a ride, or take public transportation.  You might even just stay home.

I calculated that whenever I drive “into town” from my home in the country, the round trip takes about a gallon of gas and costs at least $4.00, or the current price of a gallon of gas.  I’d have to add in the other wear and operating expenses of the car to get a real cost.   So every time  I can eliminate an extra trip into town, it’s a $4.00 savings.

The shifts are conscious, but subtle.  For example, instead of going to the grocery store on Saturdays, now I often buy groceries on the way home from the office.   Whenever I know I am stopping at a certain store, I ask my husband and son if they need anything, with the thought of saving them a trip.   I also have a list on the refrigerator for hardware, grocery, and home repair items.  If I have to make an unplanned stop at or near a store, I can call and ask to have the list read to me or to have it sent in a text to my phone.  Not only do these shifts save gas and wear on the car, but they save a good amount of time, too, and force me to be more organized and to do more long term planning of shopping and errands.

It is enjoyable to think that eliminating one or two trips a week will end up not only saving me time, but will save up to $32.00 a month in gasoline.  I also like the thought that I’m contributing to cleaner air and less dependency on foreign oil.

Learning new driving habits, such as learning to let up on the accelerator instead of using the brakes, using cruise control, accelerating slowly from stop signs, and more, is also a powerful way to save money on gas.  I have posted a detailed article on how I changed my driving habits and greatly increased my car’s miles  per gallon, How I Increased My Gas Mileage by Almost 26% (Posted on TheFatdollar. com)

I hope the price of gas comes down and stays down.  In the meantime, I’ll keep challenging myself with new ways to use less gas.  I enjoy it.

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