Flowers on the Table

Flowers in a blue vase post by Patti Tokar

There’s just something about a vase of fragrant fresh flowers on the table. I got these on my birthday. My friend came in the door with his arms full of flowers from the local shop.  That was such an exciting and festive moment to see him with all those tissue-wrapped flowers!  I think I even did a bit of a celebration dance. There were so many flowers that I didn’t have a vase large enough to hold them. After a bit of searching around the house, I came up with this ceramic pitcher and it certainly makes a beautiful vase for this mixed flower bouquet, doesn’t it? The bouquet’s lovely fragrance and richly colored petals and leaves gave me a surge of joy every time it came into my sight. I had to stop and breathe in the scent more times than I can count. Just writing this piece and looking at the photo makes me smile. Isn’t that the perfect birthday present – surges of joy and many smiles? Ah, the beauty of fresh flowers.
photo by Patti Tokar

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