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 Waiting for an Answer … Are You Listening?

Have you been asking or praying for help, ideas, or for an answer, yet despite your fervent and frequent requests, no answer or help appears?

Maybe you are not listening.

 Defining Moments

Sometimes we hear a few words, have a chance interaction, or get an unexpected result and suddenly our world shifts, our perspective changes and we feel the impact of something powerful. We emerge lost in thought, awed, perhaps confused, or perhaps glowing with sharp clarity. From the experience, we’ve become a different person.

 The Strawberries of June

The first strawberry of the season; it was magnificent and unexpected. I looked at it for a moment, feeling such a quiet, reverent joy from seeing it that I hesitated to pluck it from the plant.

 Maybe This is Why You Are Feeling Low

Sometimes our sense of empathy can be too strong. Just being in the same room with a negative person can leave us feeling depressed, vulnerable, stressed or, at best, vaguely sad. No matter how hard we try, we end up being deeply affected by the negative person’s emotions.

 The Worry Habit

Worry and anxiety are unpleasant. They make us uncertain, nervous, unable to relax, and often keep us from making needed progress. Worrying too much can keep us from enjoying our lives and can make it nearly impossible to make important decisions. At best, worrying can make us restless and unable to fully concentrate. At worst, it can cause insomnia, rash behavior, embarrassment, and keep us trapped in mind movies that play out all sorts of tragic scenarios. We can worry so often that it becomes a habit – the worry habit.

 Start a Gratitude Journal – Love Your Life

When was the last time you experienced something and felt a flash or a wave of joy, happiness, or deep contentment?  It may have been just a moment of pleasure- such as glancing out of your car window to see a lovely garden of flowers.  It might have been something more substantial, such as your […]

 Forgiveness Quotes

I’m still meditating on and following the path of forgiving –  forgiving both  others and myself for transgressions that are still causing pain, grief, anger, or denial.  Once begun, it is a long, steady, and sometimes stumbling journey. Forgiving and releasing one incident often has the unexpected result of  uncovering a new insight or a […]

 Forgiving May Change Your Life

Reading these books made me consider more on the issue of forgiving. Holding a grudge, dreaming of revenge, feeling long-term anger … all these emotions can poison your inner self and slowly deteriorate the quality of your life. Constantly reviving the memory of a past wrong forces you to carry a heavy burden of negative emotions, whether you consciously realize it or not.

 This Time, I Choose to Dance

I’m not sure when it started, this secret longing to take a dancing class. When I found a local class, Hearts in Motion, that started with Nia dance and ended with yoga, I stayed on the sidelines and just thought about it for months. I think it was the thought that I could dance and just have fun while connecting with body and mind energy that made me sign up. I haven’t regretted one minute of it. I love it! Nia combines martial arts, yoga, healing arts, and dance arts. As we dance, we move from samari warrior-type stances, to sensual hip rotations, to ball-room dance type foot movements, to holding and releasing energy movements, and many movements in between that I can’t even define.

 Using Your Energy Fields to Create Abundance

Perhaps you already know about the 7 chakras, or energy fields, in the body. Opening and creating flow in these chakras can be very freeing and energizing. You may also have some experience with the EFT methods of tapping into this energy. I’ve just watched a Carol Tuttle video which shows you how to use these methods plus two other energy meridians to instantly free you to create wealth.